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What is a Giclee?

Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) are reproductions derived from high quality photographic scans of original art. It is then digitally processed and printed on high tech ink-jet printers using archival papers with archival pigmented inks. The result is a high fidelity, vivid image with no digital signature that will not fade or deteriorate for decades. The giclee reproductions truly capture the essence of the original art.


The giclee process finally meets my standards of excellence.

With a master of fine arts degree and an emphasis in printmaking I can honestly say that giclees are an exceptional medium for reproducing original art. In the past the only choice to reproduce art work was through the “offset” printing process. For a number of reasons I resisted the idea of reproducing my pastel paintings using this printing process. The final results always seemed washed out and with little color saturation. The paper never had the quality, texture, weight and feel of hand printing paper. The process was limited to four basic colors that resulted in a matrix of dots producing an annoying pattern that became a distracting trait in the final image.



All giclees reproduced at the original size of the pastels will be limited to 35 in the edition. They will be numbered and signed and blind stamped with my personal chop and include a document of authenticity. (See blind stamp below)